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Have you ever wondered why? Why are we here? Why do we sometimes have to go through trials and tribulations?

Drawing close to Jesus Christ can help to answer those and all questions.

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Have you ever wondered about your ancestors? Who were they and what were they like? Or maybe you would like to record information about your family for posterity. Geneology can be a very fun and exciting hobby. It helps to connect you with your family present, past, and future.

Even if your current family isn't all that you wish it was, you're only as different as your want to be. Maybe there is a relative who is more like you than you know.

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My professional life started early. I joined the Navy in 1974 and served for 6 years and left with an honorable discharge. While I was in the Navy I worked on aircraft electrical and electronic systems. After leaving the Navy, I decided to go down path of an electrical engineer, however I got involved in programming and found that I liked that more than building circuits.

So now I am a software developer by trade. I develop primarily on Windows platform creating desktop applications or web applications.

My skills cover C#, T-SQL, Html, jscript, and more. I have also been known to dable in the Linux environment as well.

A snapshot of my work history can be found here.